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The Devil Wears Fruit of the Loom

So one minute I’m just me, halfway done with my dead-end liberal arts career, wearing things like size 3 jeans and clearance rack shirts. Embarrassing, I know. But the next minute I’m waiting in the elevator of the Rochester Art Center, hearing the floompers walking around the ground floor (I call them floompers because that’s the sound their crocs make when they’re walking around in their Crocs all over the place, floomp floomp floomp…).

I know what you’re thinking. That being an unpaid intern working for the Art Center’s public program’s director is going to change me. That my new Crocs-clad boss is going to shove a claw down my throat, pull out my soul, feed it to her 18-month old baby, then turn me into a snobby art slave. That she’ll convince me that the most important thing in life is to trample over all the little people in order to come out on top. That she’ll make me risk my very life just to get her a DVD of the unreleased final Harry Potter movie. That she’ll get me to wear things that belong on 3-year olds.
But never fear. I promise that I am at least a little bit stronger than anyone Anne Hathaway has ever portrayed (except maybe Mia Thermopolis).

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People Who Make Me Most Happy:

– John Mayer
– Justin Timberlake
Books I Want to Finish This Summer:
-Anna Karenina
How I Feel Right Now:
– Indecisive
– Disappointed
– Sleepy
How My Room Looks Right Now:
– like tornado season
Things I Want To Do With My Feet:
-wiggle them to music
-feel the SWOOOOSH wind on a swing
-conduct a Fantasia song
Things I Want To Do Today
Reasons Why I Like KROC:
– Carry Out
– Toxic
People I Hugged At Graduation Last Night:
-Michael Mossaad
-Jeremy Goerss
People I Really Wanted to Hug At Graduation Last Night, But Couldn’t Find:
-Jeffrey Tanner
Song of the Day:
-Dreams, Fleetwood Mac
Best Part of the Opening World Cup Game:
-when South Africa did their little dance after the first goal
Movies I’m In The Mood For:
– You’ve Got Mail
– Monty Python & the HG
– The Devil Wears Prada
Villains I Root For:
– Sue Silvester
– Angelica
– Helga
Hottest Guys On Lost, Season 4 (who are still alive)
1. Sawyer
2. Keamey
3. Desmond
4. Sayid
Hottest Guy On Lost, Ever
1. Boone