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Isn’t this lovely?

How about the AV kid presses FF and we can start the New Year a little early? Yesterday was not a very good day. Just, not a very good day at all.

Shut up Paulina, it’s not like your dad is dead and you live with mice in a wet attic and get your locket taken away by an evil headmistress.

No, you shut up. Sara had her problems and I have mine. Besides, she and I are like THIS and we know the secret to dealing with crap, especially around Christmas.

And it isn’t listening to Kryptonite fifty times.

“If I was a princess,” she murmured, “I could scatter largess
to the populace. But even if I am only a pretend princess, I
can invent little things to do for people. I’ll pretend that to
do things for people is scattering largess.”

Take that, buttfaces. I’m gonna scatter largess. In the form of an enormous chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate balls lined around the outside.

[where i would insert a photo of delicious chocolate largess]

if my stupid tic tac of a camera would grow some manliness and work.

Here is what’s going to happen. After making my Trunchbull-worthy cake, I’m going to put on something pretty, because if you pretend to be pretty then you’ll feel pretty and it’s kind of hard not to have fun when you feel like that. Then I’m going to listen to pretty music, aka O Holy Night and The Little Drummer boy and that Wham song. Then I’m going to make this house beautiful and watch a new favorite Christmas movie with my brother. Then I’m going to write my letters and and look at the calendar a lot and try to wrap some more things. We’re going to have dinner and it’s going to feel very small without twenty people, like last year. Or like 72 people in Salamanca. It’s going to be the five of us and that’s going to be enough to be wonderful, because Sara only had her black friend and a monkey and look how they spent it.

And I’m going to find a subtitles version of A Very Long Engagement to watch that again with someone other than me.

And I’m going to keep looking for Down to the Valley.

And I’ll keep singing Isn’t She Lovely to Panino, no matter what he says.