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Hi, my name is Mainstream.

On the first day of our computer class in 7th grade, the teacher thought it would be fun for everyone in the room to introduce ourselves by saying our names and our favorite musician. Which was great for 26 of the 27 people in the class, because it quickly became apparent that most people had similar tastes in music:

“I’m Heather Martinson, and I like Jay Z.”
“I’m Jade Williams, and I like Jay Z.”
“I’m Tater, I like Jay Z.”
Which eventually turned into,
“Tyler Brody, Jay Z.”
“Zac, Jay Z.”
“Nicole, Jay Z.”
So it was really fun to have no idea who all these people were talking about, and say, “I’m Paulina, I like Michelle Branch.” Who the heck was Jayzee? Did these people even listen to KROC? Because I did, and I’m pretty sure that “The Game of Love” and “Everywhere” were played at least 50 times a day. And if anyone was having a rough love life, didn’t they all listen to “All You Wanted”?
Apparently not.
Fortunately, my college education is filling the gaping holes left behind from my time in public school. Seven years after I first heard of this so called Jay Z, I auditioned for what I thought was a hip hop dance company. It turned out to be a misnomer for Carleton’s Jay-Z Appreciation Society.
New Life Goal: Pay someone in Olin to build a time machine, go back to the first day of 7th grade, and when it gets to be my turn to introduce myself, say:
“I’m Paulina. I know you all think Jay Z’s current stuff is great, but it pales in comparison to his songs in near future. “On to the Next One” will be overplayed just because everyone will make a big deal about all the Satanic stuff going on in his video, but “Empire State” won’t be played enough. And yeah, it’s kind of cheap that he thinks he can just reword the title of “Young Forever” and get away with the first verse of the original song, but in my opinion, his verse in “Swagger Like Us” is punny enough for me to let him get away with it. And “Run This Town” just gives me chills, but that’s partly because Rihanna is so good at making my life feel dramatic. But since I’m not popular enough to like him right now, I’m gonna keep listening to my soft pop for a while longer, because it doesn’t swear as much, so my mom won’t get mad when I sing along.”
In other music-related news:
– Somebody Still Loves You, Boris blablaweirdlastname is coming to Carleton, which means that I’ll go see them, sing along to the four songs that somehow got into my iTunes library, and leave before the concert gets too obscure and indie.
-Stop making fun of Justin Bieber. He is a successful single mom’s kid from Canada who has an obnoxious haircut (but who doesn’t these days?) and who melts people’s hearts when he sings about love. LOVE. It’s not supposed to be deep, just let the catchy take you away and sing along.
-Reason #abillion why I like Ernesto: He is taking me to see Fun! Because Rodrigo and Gabriela cancelled their show. So.. “Awwww,” and “Yay!”

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I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL. It’s the only season with two names because all of its splendor and glory can’t fit into just one word. In case you’ve forgotten what fall is all about, here are a couple of vocab words to refresh your memory:

– yarn mittens! but with none of that finger business
– LEAVES aka, the city of Northfield in formalwear
– crisp wind that makes you shiver and gives you an excuse to hug someone
– sweaters
– pink cheeks
– the smell of pencils
– Halloween
– apple cider
– football games I don’t attend, but talk about nonetheless
-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
– “You’ve Got Mail”
– sepia-colored everything
– candy corn
– Norah Jones-y music
– October Baseball
That’s 15 non-Carleton related reasons why I am more than happy to wave goodbye to the broken toaster that has been summer of 2010. Carleton-related reasons:
– I miss The Clap
– I left my umbrella in the dining center
– I miss spending 10+ hours/week in the dance studio
– My mailbox this year is the perfect height, no joke. PERFECT. Please send me mail, otherwise I’ll just subscribe to cheap magazines so that I can have a reason to open it every day.
Other Bullets:
– Tomorrow is my sister’s murder mystery party for her 11th birthday party. MURDER MYSTERY party. With a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. I’ve already been outcooled.
– My brother is in Cedar City being a whiner. I was half-asleep when I said goodbye to him before he left for his flight, which has upsides and downsides, but mostly downsides. But for what it’s worth, I still hesitate before turning corners at my house in case he’s crouching behind them.