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Once Upon A Time, I used to


Chapter Five: Monica’s Ready to fiigt

As Monica ran through the house, she saw a giant bat. Suddenly, the bat turned into….. A BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE! The vampire said “Yummy, yum, yum, yum.” “A little girl.” “Just whath I need for dinner.” Monica was so scared, that she tried to kick him. But instead of him, She did a giant flip. “Woa,-a-Woaaaaaa” she cried. When Monica landed on the floor, the vampire said, “Whoa, mama!” then he dropped dead.

Monica’s Trip, Paulina Lopez, 1997


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It ain’t a thang

This feels like celebrating Mardi Gras in Israel, it’s the day before the last day of Carleton, which means that
1. the list of things to do gets longer and more urgent with each minute that I spend doing otherwise
2. I’m not actually done with homework
3. aw but come on, not really.. I mean, I could write that essay in an hour
4. Maybe 2 hours
5. Nothing is impossible!

(only quantum mechanically improbable)