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lSomeone who will not be named (Ernesto Manuel Llano, Davis 111, 507-250-2924, suggested (demanded) that I be completely honest in this blog and reveal some of the unappealing things about myself. And since I love talking about myself (flaw #1), this entry was born.

2. I haven’t showered since Monday at 7 pm. I don’t plan on showering until tomorrow. This is a weekly pattern.

3. I chipped the same tooth twice in the past week. There is no cool story behind it. I got excited about Whoa and hit myself with an empty cereal bowl, it looked dumb. I still look dumb. Hopefully I’ll get that fixed before Haley gets married so that I wont get shopped out of all the wedding pictures.

4. I use boy socks.

5. The last time I did laundry was December 22nd, 2009. No trips to the Watson Laundry room have been made since last fall, when I filmed that video for that stupid Cams class.

6. I got an effing B+ in that stupid Cams class, wtf. I don’t get Bs unless it’s a (fake) physics class. This was CAMS. I spend my free time picturing ways to make Paul Hager whimper.

7. I say things like “effing”.

8. I spend my Aesthetics class writing down my feelings. Today’s notes, for example: Thing I Don’t Like About the Guys in this Class. V’s mouth is too small and always hangs open. M’s mouth is always half-open. His eyes are ALWAYS half lidded and his beard is scraggly. K’s fingernails and hand gestures. The three of them are sitting in a row on the other side of the room, are they magnets to each other?

9. If I’m not friends with you, I either idolize you or hate you.

10. If I’m friends with you and your name is Jon Aranda, I hate you.

11. From Sunday through Tuesday, I made stupid decisions that resulted in my staying in Boliou until 3, 5 and 2 am.

12. Consequently, my immune system shot itself in the face and now I have a cold. I wipe my nose on my shirt because I’m too groggy and lazy to look for a tissue.

13. I sprayed my perfume in my mouth by accident. Perfume doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

14. I hate brushing my teeth. I talk myself out of having to do it when I’m really tired. Which is all the time.

15. I lose everything. Everything. I’m very aware of this, and constantly check all of my coat/pants/bag pockets to make sure I still have my keys/Onecard/cell phone. I have lost all of those at least once this term. Also lost this term: my 2012 shirt, my mitten, my earring, my bra, two of my erasers, the pencil I bought and swore I wouldn’t lose.

I’m going to go have dinner, which will probably consist of cereal, english muffins, 2-4 cookies and softserve. It will NOT consist of soda. Because I’m doing the lent thing for the first time to improve myself as a person. Not that there’s a need.


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Existentialist Meltdown.

Why can’t I stop freaking out about my printmaking assignment?
Why can’t I stop freaking out about choosing my major?
Why am I so self-involved?
Why does everyone love Catcher in the Rye?
Should I shower tonight?
Will I shower tonight?
If I shower tonight, when’s the most likely time I’ll shower next?
What happens to all the erasers I keep buying? WHERE DO YOU ALL GO?

some words that summarize my life as of late:
Chris Brown
Jay Z
REC center
the urge to put Sam’s face to a cheese grater and sprinkle the shavings into his coffee and pour it all over his stupidlooking hat I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL
Valentine’s Day, starring all of Hollywood
Percy Jackson movie
Imma be
hey girl hey girl hey girl hey girl
typical guido
Boy Meets World.

showah time

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Why take Printmaking?

It’s Friday night
And she’s all alone.
He’s a MILLION miles away!

So I’m dressed to kill in an apron, and I’ve been in Boliou (carleton’s art building) for approx. 10 consecutive hours. And that’s not even rounding up by more than 10 minutes. Here’s what it looks like to let loose on Friday night:

Sooo fun.

SURPRISE!! TWIST ENDING!!! Because this is really and truly how I’d spend every weekend, no joke. And it doesn’t really matter that I don’t get a choice, it’s still fun. Spending 5 hours prepping the stupid copper plate to do a mezzotint is actually super worth it because then you get THIS:!!!!

And yeah, maybe it would’ve taken me a lot less time to just draw the stupid chess piece with graphite or something a little less impossible than a copper plate. But get this .. I can print out this thing over and over again! Like, a hundred times! Or a thousand! Over and over again!! Nelly and Tim McGraw would have to write a whole new duet about it!!