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Hey Brooooother

Today my baby brother turned 19 years old, which means he is going to be uncomfortable for another 365 days until his age is an even number. This is why we love each other, because I understand that odd numbers are annoying, nasty and uncomfortable while even numbers are soft, inviting and friendly. Well, the point is that it’s his birthday, and he only gets one a year, which means I am going to dedicate a little piece of the internet just to him.

Like all masterpieces, this one begins with a song.
Wake up in the morning feeling like Francisco,
Got my hair cream, I got my comb, time to make myself look pretty.
Before I leave, drink my milk, straight out of the carton.
My Geo Metro got junked, it ain’t coming back 😦

I’m talkin’ checkered Vans on my toes, toes,
Mom washes all my clothes, clothes,
Never answer my phone, phone.

(In the car I’m) Playin my favorite CDs,
Another episode of Modern Family,
Tryin to beat a battle with Misty …

Oh stop,
you’re a fire type, why did I choose
you? I’m a fool,
Now I’ll lose half my money.
This sucks,
so-o much,
I should’ve bought another Heal,
Oooh, oh oh.
Oooh, oh oh.

This is him at 16. Not much has changed.. except the hair is all gone. So really everything has changed. I guess I don’t mind so much, as long as he never stops:

– eating nauseatingly large amounts of popcorn
– pulling all-nighters with me to watch Avatar
– playing BBMak songs on his guitar.
– owning 300+ Pokemon fan art images
– letting me take his car for half a year
– surviving scary near-death experiences
– being cooler than me