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I ain’t thinking bout my grades, a’ite?

If things don’t fall apart, here’s how the rest of this day will go:

4:15 – Semaphore tech run-through, where Paulina will spend 2 hours admiring Carleton’s modern dancers and 90 seconds personifying Robin Viele’s broken soul to Party in the USA.

6:00 – Obs.Draw final, where Paulina will complete 1.75 of the required 20 hours for her bomb-diggety tone study of a window. Which isn’t super-overwhelming or anything, mainly because they will be 1.75 hours of looping Destiny’s Child’s all-time greatest album, The Writing’s on the Wall.

7:45 – DINNER, where Paulina will discreetly meet with her not-so-secret lover: all-you-can-eat-cereal. and bottomless pink lemonade.

8:30 – more Obs.Draw final accompanied by Jumpin’Jumpin’.

9:30 – Registration, where Paulina will decide her fate for winter term. The formula for maximum winter term happiness includes: ARTS 277 – (Paper Arts), ENGL 110 (Intro English lit), PE 200 (Modern Dance II), and PHIL 234 (Aesthetics). Note that it does NOT include:

Photography 1, because I’m into poser photography and instant gratification.
French 204, car j’en ai effing MARRE.
Piano, because apparently it isn’t a scrunch class.. ha.

So the point of this post can be summed up with the following question:

What is the best strategy to survive the next two weeks at Carleton without throwing myself off the chapel roof?
a) Look all your finals in the eye with a wholesome, positive attitude and envision yourself squeezing out every ounce of potential into the tin bucket that will soon be full to the brim with SUCCESS.
b) Call your boys, cause tonight you’re not gon’ stay at home
c) Get your hair cut, and your car washed too, looking like a star in your Armani suit
d)Ladies: leave yo men at home, the club is full of ballaz and their pockets full grown.
e)Fellas: leave yo girl with her friends, cause it’s 9th week and the club is
f) Bounce, baby bounce, b-bounce, b-bounce
g) You’d better dip that thaaaang, dip that thaaaaang.