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22B422 Pt. 4: Superhero Party

Carleton College! This school has some messed up traditions, many of which involve being naked in public places. In my opinion, the school saves the best of these for Spring term (mainly, it saves Spring Concert for Spring term, but there’s also Rottblatt and Mai Fete and Spring Prank (I don’t actually know what this tradition is called). AND there’s Superhero Party, which is essentially a Sayles dance at the Grand BUT IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT BECAUSE IT’S IN COSTUME!!

In theory, this should be the greatest event this campus has to offer. You’re in costume, I think I’ve expressed before how everything is ten times better in costume. I’m having a really hard time putting my finger on what exactly I dressed up as last year, but I vaguely remember it involved the Whoa hip hop jersey and maybe tube socks? Who knows. I can tell you Ernesto didn’t dress up as ANYTHING and it completely ruined the Superhero illusion.

You know what else is gonna ruin the illusion this year? The fact that I CAN’T GO because I’m going to Ann Arbor. lakjsdfljsdlkjthanksagainernestoalksjdlfj. Here’s the list I’ve been mulling over for months trying to pick this year’s costume.

1. Sailor Jupiter
Among other things, her powers include manipulating thunder/lightning and being smarter than Sailor Moon, so you can’t get much better than that. Also, Jupiter is the biggest planet, soooooo no one else stands a chance. I’ve wanted to dress up as Sailor Jupiter since I was five, I kid you not. I distinctly remember that on my 10th birthday, I asked for a Sailor Moon costume because that was the only one they sold in Miami and it was the next best thing, and then going to the mall with my family to find that they didn’t have any in my size. It was the worst birthday ever, I couldn’t even write about it in my journal. My brother (bless his heart) tried to make me feel better by buying me a Sailor Venus doll a year later, and things have slowly started to heal since then.

2. Katara
I’ve ranted about how Katara is probably the coolest superhero I’ve ever seen in my life already, so I’ll try not to bore you with more of that. BUT SERIOUSLY she can water-bend BLOOD. It’s the creepiest/coolest thing. And it would be soooo fun to make a costume for this.. I could keep a pack of ice cubes in my pocket to lash out whenever there’s no room on the dance floor, or carry a spray bottle on my belt.. the possibilities are endless. Katara is the bomb.

3. Aladdin
Look at those pants. Those pants look like the comfiest thing in the world, it’d be like wearing marshmallows on your legs. I think this is reason enough to want to dress up like Aladdin, but there are some other perks: I’d get to have a monkey sidekick (ssshhhhico!), I’d get to be barefoot, I’d get to sing, and I’d get to steal all the refreshments in character


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What time is it?


Hello world, some announcements:

1. Tomorrow is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So much happy up in hurr.
2. Fall term finals have fried my brain and left nothing but a tiny pile of ash. I know this because after I turned everything in and went to the airport, it took me five minutes to just to say the word “strategize.” 
3. While writing an essay about the fascinating dynamics between scholarship and educational policy, I spent a good ten minutes researching the word “compromisation” just to come to the sad, sad realization that it isn’t real. So, thanks for that, Spice World. 
4. HOW does Adele get through her own songs? I have yet to get through “Someone Like You” without crying like a baby. I’m actually not joking, you can ask my brother. 
5. During finals, I spent a good 25% of my time daydreaming of all the cool SKEWLS OUT SEEYUH Facebook statuses I could put after I turned everything in, and then I didn’t put anything at all. My life is very, very lame. 
6. I knew that Thanksgiving in El Paso was going to be a hit when I walked into Lucia’s room and saw her Justin Bieber backpack (pics later). At this point, I’m just crossing my fingers that she won’t outgrow him before I do.