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You probably don’t want to read this post

because I’ve felt it coming for a while and I can still it’s just a big long string of nothing. Like, doing-everything-except-homework-while-listening-to-Juan-Mayer-and-talking-about-myself nothing. It also has too much caps.


1. hey YOU: your email made me mad today mainly because it was mean. thanks for ruining what was going to be a non-significant, results-less psychology study. now I can study my own aggression.

Paulina Lopez
Hostile Aggression (she would really like to hit this person)
Relational Aggression (she would really like to say things like “you big fatso, no one could ever love you” to this person)
Frustration-Aggression (she is upset at this person for interfering with her goal of getting an okay grade in her psyc lab)

2. hey YOU: for some strange reason, the aforementioned survey has somehow gotten 415 responses. so you disabled it because the limit is 350. so now I have to pay to get my data. but of course i’m not going to do that, so i’m going to fail this assignment and fail this class and LAKJDLKDJFL. more like qualtrics.con*

*see what I did?
I replaced m with an n
so now it is con instead of com
and it means that qualtrics cheats and steals from people.


1. That being said.. can I just say that I really really liked Mr. Brain Wash throughout the entirety of Banksy’s (Bansky)’s movie? Because I did. I thought he was brilliant. When he spilled paint all over his car and when he kept hitting his camera with walls as he walked down the street and when he made Park Amusement into Art Amusement and when he replaced Elvis’s guitar with a Fisher Price gun and when he was… when he was… when he was… when he was… when he is… when he is … what he represents… he is… he is…

I really liked him.

And I really liked the movie. A lot.
Should YOU Watch Exit Through The Gift Shop? Luckily for you, I’ve designed a sophisticated flowchart that will help you make an informed decision. Answer the question and follow the arrows that go with your answer!

2. Imma be making some posters next yurr. For monaaaaay. With Campus Activities (soon to be known as Student Activities! only not really, because everyone will still call it Campus Actvities). Eee!

And over the SUMMAH:
1. I will NOT be wearing red and khaki because I will NOT be clocking in to work at Rochester North SuperTarget Lanes or Guest Services or 1-Hr PhotoLab.
1 1/2. I WILL see how long it takes for Target to realize that I’m still using my 10% off.
2. I WILL be reading about the history of Mexican printmaking and making prints in a not-crowded studio and getting paid for it. I am so excited. I haven’t had a chance to write about this very much, but I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Because maybe it will be the only time that anyone pays me to do something that is too fun to be considered work. DEAR ART YOU ARE THE BEST JOB I HAVE EVER HAD.
3. I’m doing an internship? With the Rochester Art Center? Which means I’m kind of an adult?
Okay. Enough.
Life is alright right now.