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What My Life Has Looked Like Lately

1. A lot of this:

I’m taking a painting class, which translates into “I constantly have paint all over my arms, hands and face.”

2. Some of this:

My campus job is to advertise terrible school events and make them seem not-as-terrible. Liiiike Screw-Your-Roommate (less commonly referred to as Set Up Your Roommate by boring people), where dozens of people go on awkward blind dates. No but sometimes it’s not so bad. When I was a freshman, my date and I went to the chapel rooftop and complained about the meal plan.

This poster is actually my proudest achievement of this entire term, solely because Snooki turned out pretty well. If I say so myself.

3. A LOT of this:

Last week all I listened to was “Mine” and “Today Was A Fairytale”. Then Brandi Branham showed me this song, and I have been listening to it nonstop. Because it is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could take a time machine, go back to 8th grade and attend a John Adams Middle School dance where THIS was the slow dance of the night (instead of this). I could be arms-length apart from Kellen Anderson and silently thinking about how the two of us would be young forever.


Author: Paulina

Junior at Carleton College. In love with John Mayer. Allergic to erythromycin.

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