Tuesday’s Coming, My Baby

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1. TIL that there is such a word as twitterature, which is used to describe my generation’s persistent need for constant self-affirmation, defining, declaration, and the overall desire to be watched. It’s fun to talk about how dumb Twitter is because EVERYONE hates Twitter (see Fig. 1).

2. Concerning Fig.1. Can we find new things to hate? Because these are getting kind of old. Behold my flawless argument:
– iPad: who cares?
– Taylor Swift: the miracle of true love isn’t her fault, so let her sing about it. Also, I’m kind of getting married.. how can I NOT love T-Swift?
– Twitter: yeaaaaaaah it’s lame but how else will Justin Timberlake personally wish me a Happy Halloween?
– Hipsters: actually we can keep complaining about hipsters

3. Now I’m gonna be a hipster and tell you what music to listen to because I’m full of feelings and I want you to know it. So.. hey you! Listen to Dareh Meyod with me and think about how much you miss high school. Or how much you don’t miss it, I guess.
4. Halloween is over. 😦
5. School isn’t that much fun anymore. Which is why I’m on here instead of writing an essay about Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
6. I really like painting. I hate stretching the canvas. Stretching the canvas sucks. Stretching the canvas is like eating a bowl of Trix that’s been sitting in the milk for way too long and now all the pieces are soggy and gross. Stretching the canvas is like trying to hold my breath under a vat of boiling pus juice. AAAUUUUGHHHH.

Author: Paulina

Junior at Carleton College. In love with John Mayer. Allergic to erythromycin.

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